Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Charles Elliott Gill

Boating on the Piney, ca. 1910
Five teenage girls outside a wood frame building, 1900-10
Portrait of four men and four women, ca. 1910
Thomas Gill family with house and new car, Portland, Oregon, ca. 1914
Twelve young women at Guthoerl's cave, ca. 1910
Source: Charles Elliott Gill Photograph Collection, Missouri State Archives, Jefferson City

Monday, May 22, 2017

Axel Lindahl

Gausdal, Sanatorium, 1880-90
Molde from Fanestrands Lane, 1880-90
Nordland, Svartisen, 1880-90
Opdal, Parti mellem Rise og Drivstuen
Søndmør, From Saebo in Hjørundfjord, 1880-90
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sunday, May 21, 2017

R. Welch

Causeway Cottages. Widow Laverty telling tales of Finn McCool, ca. 1888
Children building another moat in the sand, ca. 1888
Children spinning and reeling wool, Highlands, County Donegal, 1914
High Street, Belfast, ca. 1888
The Promenade, Newcastle, County Down, 1914

Saturday, May 20, 2017

John Collier

Corner of Montgomery and Market Streets, San Francisco, 
Monday morning, December 8, 1941, after Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
One man tin can band during blackout. 
San Francisco, California, December 1941
Picnic party from the mill towns enjoys the autumn foliage along 
the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts. State-owned park, October 1941
USO (United Service Organizations) servicemen's club. 
Civic Center, San Francisco, California, December 1941
Washington, D.C. Sewing room in the self-help exchange, January 1942

Friday, May 19, 2017

Vintage Australia

A modern shearer
Backstage, Mark Foys fashion parade, Sydney, ca. 1947
De Basil Covent Garden Russian Ballet Company on the 
SS Maloja during their Australian tour, September 1938
Group of newly arrived immigrants taken 
in Palace Grounds, Sydney, March 1908
Stanwell Park showing scrub; bush picnic, 1916

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Detroit Publishing

Along the beach, Atlantic City, NJ, ca. 1905
Bugler of New York Naval Reserves on U.S.S. New Hampshire, 1890-1901
In the surf at Old Orchard, Maine, 1890-1901
Life-saving lookout, Atlantic City, NJ, 1900-20
Packet James Lee, 1900-15
Passengers on boat approaching Hotel Marion, Lake George, NY, 1900-15
Prospect Point, Niagara, 1890-1901

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Vintage Japan

Geisha girls out for an airing in rickshaws - 
along the Old Avenue, Nara, Japan, ca. 1906
Japanese mothers and children on a fishing trip, 1919
Passing away a dull hour - Geisha girls dancing, Japan, 1906
Peasant women heading rice with steel combs
in the fields on Suruga Bay, Japan, 1906
The little daughter of a Japanese gentleman 
playing the koto, Tokyo, Japan, 1906
Source: Library of Congress Stereograph Collection