Sunday, October 4, 2015

Samuel Heath Head

Group outside raupo whare, ca. 1900
 People peering into the back of a draper's van loaded with linens and textiles on the side of a road near the Makatote viaduct, Manawatu Wanganui region, ca. 1906
The Bateleys' family house, Moawhanga, Rangitikei, 1890s-1920s
Truck and motorised tricycle of Dennis Brothers, poulterers, 1890s-1930s
Unidentified young Maori woman, ca. 1900
Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Isaac Henry Bowen Jeffares

Group outside a timber mill, ca. 1910s
 Kelburn cable car, early 1900s, as it climbs past the power house 
and the Kiosk at the top of the Kelburn cable car route
Patanga Crescent, in Thorndon, Wellington, in the early 1900s
Unidentified group at the Botanic Gardens, Wellington, ca. 1910
Photographer and assistant, with a camera, 1902-22
Unidentified woman holding a young girl on her back, ca 1910
[this woman and child were also in the first picture]

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

Friday, October 2, 2015

Painter Collection

The Painter (Milton McFarland, Sr.) Collection consists of images of 1,073 black-and-white photographic prints in two albums. A self-taught photographer, Milton McFarland Painter Sr. produced images of Friars Point, Mississippi, regions surrounding Coahoma County, and vacation stops across the western United States, Mexico, and Canada from about 1912 to the 1920s. Painter was especially interested in the Mississippi River, its levees and lakes, and the steamboats that made frequent stops in Friars Point. He used a Kodak camera that generated three-inch by five-inch (3"x5") negatives, which he meticulously cataloged and filed.

Front of store, ca. 1900
Back of store, ca. 1900
Fishing trip - patience, ca. 1900
Fishing trip - critical moment, ca. 1900
Fishing trip - hung again, ca. 1900
Fishing trip - second morning's catch, ca. 1900

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Miami University

These are from the photo archives of Miami University of Oxford, Ohio - as distinct from the University of Miami in - you guessed it - Miami, Florida.

Boy and puppies at Oxford Street Fair, ca. 1912
Class Day participants at Oxford College in 1901
Costumed children in Oxford Armistice Day Parade, 1918
Dancers at McGuffey School May Day celebration 1912
Miami students, faculty, staff (?) on sled, 1922

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Herbert F. Cooper

Herbert Cooper was a photographer from Northern Ireland. The photos come from here.

Barrack Street, Strabane, ca. 1910
Bowling Green, Strabane, ca. 1910
Butcher Street, Strabane, ca. 1910
Cars and motorcycles in front of Victoria Hotel, ca. 1910
Fountain Street, Strabane, ca. 1910

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

G. G. Bain

 Daisy Chain - Vassar Graduation, June 1908
Duchess Marlboro and others at boat pier, April 1, 1908
Duncan sisters, 1920s
Entering street car, 1910-15
Eunice Morgan

Monday, September 28, 2015

Kristian Berge

Kristian Berge was a Norwegian photographer. As with other sets from Norway, I found these here.

 Bondehytta, Nittedal. 1918-20
Bringing home firewood, Erdalen, 1923
En route to Mysusæter from Raphamn, 1913
En route to Store-Standal on board Møringen, 1924
Fagernes railway station, 1921